by Clockwork Kids

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Clockwork Kids' only LP, released in April 2014.


released April 3, 2014

Produced by Thom Canova and Clockwork Kids
Engineered, mixed, and mastered by Thom Canova
All songs performed, recorded, and arranged by Clockwork Kids

Clockwork Kids:
Dylan Abolafia - Drums and percussion
Patrick Carney - Guitars, bass, backing vocals
Jeff DeLuca - Guitars, mandolin, backing vocals
Justin Ellis - Vocals, bass, guitars, piano
Chris Petto - Guitars, piano, wurlitzer

Additional musicians-
Peter Alfredson - Cello on tracks 3,6,9,11,12
Thom Canova - Bowed percussion on 1
Lauren Gaillard-Lanier- French Horn on 6,7,11,12
Nick Johnson - Violin on 6,9,11,12
Chesley Kalnen - Viola on 6,9,11,12
Frank Petto - Hammond Organ on 4

String arrangements by Clockwork Kids and Gabriel Reynolds.
Vocal arrangements by Justin Ellis.
All songs copyright Clockwork Kids 2014.

Recorded at Studio M, Durham, NC
Mastered at Overdub Lane, Durham, NC

This album would not have been possible without the help of Mike Carney, Joan Gillings, Mark Simonsen, Frank + Marilyn Petto, Lindsey Lanier, Jimmy Strauss, Chesley Kalnen, David Ellis, Linda Ravary, Brian Franklin, Emily Marcus, John Hurley, Robert Powell, Janice Thompson, Anne O'Tuama, Theresa Anhut, Damon Seils, Brooke Mitchell, Stefan + Mechtild Emler, Jean + Sandrine Pauwels, Chris Johnson, Gabriel Reynolds, Kyle Lacey, Jeb Brinkley, Colleen Carroll, Amanda Willis, Olivia Kretschmer, Dr. Steve Brule, and all of our Kickstarter backers, friends, and families.



all rights reserved


The Color Exchange Chapel Hill, North Carolina

After years playing in various acts in and around their hometown of Chapel Hill, NC, Justin Ellis (vocals/bass), Chris Petto (guitar), Chris McCarty (keyboards/strings) and Brett Scott (drums/production) came together in late 2014 to begin writing and recording as The Color Exchange.

The band released their first record, Cubed, in April 2015.
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Track Name: Suffer
When I was young I thought I understood the world
But times have changed and now I feel so left behind
It didn't matter that I emptied out my wallet and my heart
Invested all my time
It's not as easy as doing it again
My thoughts were in a row before the flood came down the mountainside
I saw their bodies float downriver with their heads below the torrents
In the night
I saw their bodies illuminated by lightning.
You don't know how you can save me from myself
If I don't lose I will not suffer again.
Track Name: The Dusty Air I Breathe
All I've got to my name is my father's name
And it has covered me this far
So I have wasted twelve long years, funded by my family's fame
But now they're buried in the yard
And all that's left, yeah, all that's left of me
Is thirty barren acres, trampled under feet
And all that's left, yeah all that's left of me
Is the jacket on my back and the dusty air I breathe
Packed bags, leave this place behind
Photographic memories fill my mind
And besides they burned them all last night
All that's left, yeah, all that's left to do
Is follow all these trails and hope they lead me back to you
What else can I, what else can I do
But pray that I will gaze upon you someday very soon
By the next full moon
Whoever's got you gonna wish they're dead, Whoever's got you gonna wish they're dead, if this is your blood on this path I tread, whoever's got you gonna wish they're dead.
Track Name: St. Peter's Daughter
Rain turns dust to mud
And this summer sun dries it up
I can't remember yesterday
I can't remember from which way I came
But I remember you, my dear
And how you walked down the way
And how you drew me near
And if your face is the last thing that's on my mind
I would remember yours from that day
You were dressed in white and looked as if St. Peter
Himself gave you away
So I will keep on searching until you're back with me
But you're leaving no clues around to make it easier on me
Hours melt into days
And I don't know what state I'm in
I need some rest, my mind is breaking down
I wish I could reach out to you, but I don't know how
So I keep trudging, mile after muddy mile
The dirt that's caked around my legs is the only thing keeping me dry
It's just this fleeting memory of you that keeps me sane
Losing my mind and my nerve while I strike out to find you again
Track Name: Let Me Out
What have I done
What did I say
to end up in this terrible twist of fate
I know I'm not the picture of perfection
But there's still time for divine intervention

Let me out. Please.

Lines on my back
Bloodier than veins
Dripping trails
May lead to my remains

Quiet, someone is following your screams
(Let me out, let me out, let me out of this dream)
(At this rate, I will leave, I'm on your trail)
Track Name: Magdalena
Magdalena, I know no one of that name
And I'm sorry, Sir, but you'll have to do the same
She's either dead and gone, or sold as a slave for life
You know that if I could I would help you find your wife

So go back home
To Atlanta where you belong
And start your life anew
Magdalena wouldn't want you to
Waste your life to find her
She would say the same to you

Magdalena, it's official, now you are mine
Your husband took my hook, my sinker, and my line
He thinks you're dead and gone, which makes me now your man
And you're my toy, my plaything, my personal slave locked in this caravan

How could you marry someone as gullible as he
You won't make that same mistake twice
Stop your screaming and your sobbing, you're not making this easy
Don't make me sell you under price

Magdalena, you won the battle, but not the war
A few more times, and I won't have to try that hard
'Cause you'll be desperate and lonely for the rest of time
And you will want me, need me, love me, and be my concubine

He went back home
To Atlanta where he belongs
And he's gonna start his life again
He didn't waste a single second to try and find you
And you'll stay with me until the end.
Track Name: I Showed You the River
Where do I start?
Before I had these things that drove me mad
You trace my steps
Until I'm just a sketch of who I am

You crossed me before and then I let you cross me again
But my back isn't a bridge, it breaks before it bends
I showed you the river, but you drank until it dried
And it takes time to fill it up, but I won't do it by your side.

I see through your lies
But no one else has figured you out yet
Do you realize that nobody would mourn
If you were dead

My world keeps spinning whether or not you're on board
And I don't give a damn if your tears bring the flood
You cannot sleep on this, the sun never sets on you
You say you're happy - I lie and I say I love you too

But it's not fair
You've got no cares in the world while I'm tearing up inside
And I don't care
I don't want to wake up beside you when sunlight banishes night

Your clever disguise
Has fooled a lot of men but
I'm not one of them.
Track Name: Vacuum Heart
It cuts like a knife but your blade is made of hot air
Or maybe your breath, but your damage is done and you don't care
I can't lick my wounds 'cause I can't trust my tongue when I'm mad
It's not hard to pine over lost love when it's something that I've never really had

(Keep calm, keep calm) I can't keep calm
(Your heart is warm) I've got no qualms with you
(You mean me harm) I'll avoid your arms
(Come on, come on) I won't fawn over you

Your heart was a black hole, a vacuum, consumed me like a flame
But I put you out with a hiss while you sobbed out my name
Though your embers may softly glow and grow and come alight
there's no use in getting hot-headed with me because deep down you know I'm right.
Track Name: All I Ask
You don't have to say anything
I heard it all before
When you grasp sand too hard, it runs away
And I guess that's how your heart will work
As well

'Cause all I ask of you
Is to let me change your mind
You don't have to say that you love me
But it could be so nice

I don't want to go someplace
Where we can be alone
And I'm not asking you to
Let me take you home.
Track Name: Cage
You ask me for forgiveness
You want to try again
But I'm not willing
You wish that I could turn the hourglass
Upside down as if this all
Were nothing
And I know that you would do it all over
If you only found a way how
But there's a time for taking chances
And you've run on all your chances now

Why Love
Wild Love

It's not an easy thing for me
To lay it all out here
In the open
It's like the only way that we get
Anywhere is knowing
When we're broken
But I have spent far too long waiting around
For you to come around
And somehow you seem to be the only thing
Keeping my feet on the ground.
Track Name: Bend Me / Break Me
Your love is a constant
That I didn't think that I could live without
But that was before
You bent over, turned around, and spat me out

I know that's what I wanted
But we all change sometimes
As you well know

I watched the collapse of the western moon
And I couldn't picture my life without you
But still I spent the best part of a year
Cut away from you, and somehow I'm still here

I know that's what I wanted
Can we still change with time?

'Cause you can't bend nor break me
Not when I'm standing here right now
And I don't need you near me
This hollow shell of what you were
It's not my fault, yours neither
I won't die unsatisfied
I don't think I will see you again.
Track Name: I'm Not Alone
I wish you could understand
It's not the way it's meant to be
It's such a shame, it's always the same
When you're stuck in this game with me
So tell me why, you keep me in your eye
And please don't lie to me

Oh, we've fallen out of line
But I know there's still time
To fix up what's been broken
And I can't do it by myself
And now I need some help
To keep on going
Because it takes two to realize you're both alone

Time has passed and now we're slowly aware
I can see through a different lens
It's a simple task, but you always ask
To bask in my glow again
I feel the way I feel, is too good to be real
So why would you steal me from my friends?

Oh, I think it's time I leave
My heart needs some reprieve
And you're not in there anymore
And I will fall into the light
Far out of your sight
While you gaze lovelorn out the door
And though I am just one man I am not alone.
Track Name: It Only Rows
A vessel for two
Built with my own hands
Wishing I knew
What we were put through
I'm stuck with a ship
It only rows left without you

There's one seat for you
And another for me
And all I can do
Is pray I don't drown
And now my ship
It doesn't row right without you

Cut my line so I may be swallowed alive
I'm adrift, I'm aware tonight

A sky turning black
With flashes of white
My canvas tears back
I can't see the stars
And now my ship
It only rows right without you

Cut my line so I may be swallowed alive
I'm adrift, I'm aware tonight
Throw my heart in the waves and they'll bring it back home
But I can't shake this thought or this feeling of you from my bones

Facing the shore
That you've been standing on
Salt water pours
In pools around my feet
And my ship
It only rows straight with you.